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Shweiki Glass Trade 2010 extended from Shweiki Glass company that was founded in 1936 by haj Rushdi Shweiki.

Shweiki Glass Trade is specialized in importing and manufacturing and Distributing glass for many uses.

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شويكي بيت الزجاج Shweiki Glass Home

All mirror shapes and sizes are available with many colors readymade or upon request , we can also make any decorative idea you desire.

Available mirror thicknesses:

3mm used for frames and cupboards...
4mm used for cupboards, decor and sticki...
Glass for buildings
our company has various kinds of glass with different thicknesses and for many purposes.

we have single glass, double glass, tempered glass, laminated glass.

glass comes with different colors like green, blue, gray, bronze.

Glass Blocks
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The number we have given the picture and we print them on any board Glass...